Absolute Resolutions Corporation

Since its inception in 2001, Absolute Resolutions Corp. has specialized in the purchase and recovery of distressed consumer receivables, business cards and lines of credit, commercial leasing and specialty finance portfolios directly from originators. ARC maintains a disciplined approach to purchasing using tested proprietary analytics to evaluate portfolios and optimize recovery. We have a diverse purchasing history with experience in a variety of asset classes and portfolio sizes allowing us to be dynamic in our review and pricing of different offerings. With a focus on consumer experience, ARC’s company culture and business practices provide built in brand protection for sellers.

We rely on data in everything we do and our data driven recovery strategy is no exception. We continuously monitor our portfolio seeking to maximize efficiencies using multiple recovery channels. Our robust, secure, compliant inventory management system and our network of industry leading partners, including our many specialty vendors, fortify our exclusive recovery strategies.

Employees are the heart of any business, and ARC is no exception. Our employees are a dynamic group of individuals experienced in the distressed debt market. At the helm of ARC is a set of experienced leaders bringing more than 100 years of management level distressed debt industry experience to the company. This team of leaders is dedicated to realizing the tremendous growth potential of the market and the company while managing to our guiding principle: balancing consumer benefits and positive business results effectively during account resolution.

ARC is a Certified Professional Receivables Company reflecting our commitment to uniform and rigorous industry standard best practices as set forth by Receivables Management Association International. We are in full compliance with Federal and State laws and actively seek to implement internal policies that reinforce our compliant consumer friendly company culture. An integral piece of our certification achievement, ARC’s compliance management system, is dynamic and proven and at the forefront of our business. Several of our compliance staff are designated as Certified Receivables Compliance Professionals (CRCP).  In this uncertain regulatory environment, we are well positioned for unexpected changes with our nimble management processes resulting in compliance policy changes that can be implemented quickly and efficiently. ARC’s commitment to bettering the industry doesn’t end with our commitment to the RMA certification program, we have had a sitting RMA board member since 2001 and our CEO is currently the board’s President. Several of our leadership team members also volunteer countless hours to the association.

Absolute Resolutions Corp. has the integrity, financial strength and reputation you demand, evidenced by our strong, long-term partnerships with some of the largest financial institutions in the country, our proven data driven strategies, our employees and our dedication to doing what is right. So contact us today and see how we can help you.

Mark Naiman, President, Absolute Resolutions Corporation

Mark Naiman

Mark has been involved in the stratification of over 800 individual transactions, including the analysis behind the potential liquidation for over $20 Billion in purchased accounts. Mark is a frequent speaker on topics ranging from Data Security, Operational Best Practices, Historical Industry Analysis, Encryption Methodology, Risk Mitigation and Relationship Building.

He was appointed to serve on the task force committee that implemented certification within RMAI, a cornerstone of what inevitably became RMAI’s federally recognized compliance program. He was also a founding board member of the Certification Committee and continues to teach the introductory course for Certification. A RMAI Certified Receivables Compliance Professional, Mark was elected to the RMAI Board of Directors in 2014, and after serving two terms as President, is currently still serving as the Past President of the association.