Partner Network

Absolute Resolutions Corporation (ARC) has developed a sophisticated Partner Network to service our portfolio. ARC works closely with this carefully selected network of professional loan servicers to implement specialized recovery streams focused on compliance while optimizing performance.  Our dynamic and compliant process allows us to maintain a competitive market presence, while also safeguarding the brand and reputation of our creditor partners.

Partner Selection

ARC selects partners based on experience, reputation, performance and compliance. Our Partner Network includes top service providers from across the industry, each bringing their own unique value to our account servicing processes.

Before working with a new partner our compliance team conducts a review of their operations, people, processes and technology to ensure they meet the high standards held by ARC.

Partner Oversight

Partners in our network are continually evaluated and audited to ensure compliance with our internal standards and applicable laws. We regularly conduct on-site meetings and audits with our partners to evaluate their ongoing compliance efforts and to discuss important industry news, furthering ARC’s ongoing understanding of how each servicer’s business adapts to the ever changing external legal and political environments.

Absolute’s audit team keeps this process robust by implementing continuous improvements based on the ever-changing regulatory environment. Our compliance team keeps in touch with of the ever-changing environment through involvement in various industry groups and during regular discussions with our creditor and servicer partners.

Becoming a Partner

Those interested in becoming part of the ARC Partner Network may execute the required non-disclosure agreement and partner profile online. Our team will review the information provided to determine if there is a potential fit within our network.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

You can sign and submit your non-disclosure agreement online to begin discussions about joining our partner network.

Partner Profile

Complete your partner profile to help us better understand how we can work together.