Receivables Management Solutions

Founded in 2001, Absolute Resolutions Corporation (ARC) is a receivables management firm exclusively focused on acquiring debt portfolios directly from creditors as a part of the debt recovery lifecycle.


Through our acquisitions program we enable creditors to create immediate cash flow from their receivable portfolios through all stages of the account lifecycle from performing, sub-performing and non-performing segments. We purchase from a diverse set credit issuers covering a wide variety of asset classes.

We regularly acquire the following portfolio types:

  • Auto
  • Bank Card
  • Retail Card
  • Installment Loan
  • Purchase Finance
  • Utility
  • Telcom

Systems & Processes

The ARC team has established a best in class business model using proprietary systems, processes and cutting edge technology. We have developed sophisticated data analytics tools to help drive decision making. Our extensive portfolio evaluation process along with our intelligent resource allocation maximizes our financial performance while minimizing risk exposure.

Accounts acquired by ARC are serviced through our carefully selected Partner Network. Our industry leading Compliance Management System includes a comprehensive vendor management program with in-depth oversight into our partner’s operations covering financial controls, regulatory compliance and consumer experience.


Leveraging the experience and knowledge our team has spent years refining, ARC collaborates with sellers seeking to enhance their recovery process by entering the marketplace for the first time. We also provide input to credit issuer partners on a regular basis regarding best practices and industry trends concerning current portfolio sales and strategies. Contact us to learn more!

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